Lipstick a cosmetic product for lips. Lipstick makeup includes lipstick, lipstick, lip gloss, lip glaze, etc. It can make the lips rosy and shiny, moisturizing and protecting the lips; In addition, lipstick makeup can also increase facial beauty and correct lip contours, making lips more vibrant and vigorous.

The Characteristics of Bright Moon Lipsticks Makeup

(1) This series of lipsticks have no irritation, harmlessness and no microbial pollution to the lips.

(2) It has a natural, fresh and pleasant taste and smell. Our lipsticks are of stable quality and good weather resistance.

(3) The application is smooth and smooth, and the color is even. After application, the color will not change, melt or drift; it has good adhesion, will not fall off and transfer to the surface of other objects; it can maintain a considerable time, But it is not difficult to remove. Lip skin feels comfortable and moisturized after use.

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